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Healthcare Services

From a sole practitioner to an entire hospital system, Vocal IP’s solutions deliver rock-solid stability, security, and added value through integration with healthcare systems. We know the mission-critical nature of our healthcare customers and provide a white-glove approach from installation to ongoing 24/7/365 customer service. Our suite of services is HIPAA-compliant to meet regulatory demands.

  • Video call capabilities for telehealth
  • Contact Center to improve the patient journey
  • HIPAA-compliant call recording and transcription
  • End-to-end encrypted calls
  • Secure electronic faxing via email and web – compatible with existing fax machines, with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) support
  • MS Teams for telehealth solutions
  • Electronic fax document cloud integration to network storage folder(s),,, Microsoft Sharepoint, Google Docs, and many more
  • On-demand integration with leading EHRs for improvement of patient journey, from scheduling appointments to insertion of patient interaction records against the electronic medical record
  • Next Gen 911 – automatically detect changes to phone locations for more accurate information to local emergency management centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) in the event of a 911 call
  • Geo-fenced Location: Detailed notifications with specific caller location to local emergency management teams on 911 calls (from any cell phone) made within a geo-fenced area
  • Instant conference calls with emergency management teams in the event of 911 call placed from a phone system or a cell phone in a geo-fenced area
  • Managed Video Surveillance systems with cloud or on-prem storage
  • Integrated Access Control systems to protect entrances and exits
  • Protected Dedicated Internet
  • Multiple Internet options for backup/resiliency
  • SD-WAN with Network Firewall, Unified Threat Protection, DDOS, IDP, NGFW and numerous other services to protect internal IT infrastructure
  • Centralized Cloud Firewall to protect multiple location with unified cybersecurity policies
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