Omni-Channel Contact Center

for the Modern Workforce

The key requirement for today’s Contact Center is flexibility

Your Contact Center personnel may work from the office, from home or remotely. With Vocal IP’s Contact Center integrated mobile application, Agents can easily work from anywhere as needed. Contact Center Supervisors can also manage on-site and remote teams and queues with easy-to-use reporting and management features.

  • Your contact center personnel may work from office, home, or anywhere else
  • Manage teams using powerful reporting and live tools such as silent monitoring and barging into calls for quality assurance
  • Create custom thresholds to get alerted when suboptimal conditions occur so they may be fixed quickly and efficiently

Balance Agent Resources and Maintain Accountability

Contact Center Supervisors can easily visualize and balance Agent resources against incoming calls and other channels of communications to maximize the efficiency and utilization of Agents. They can also set custom thresholds to get alerted when sub optimal conditions occur and how to fix it immediately.

  • Record calls for quality assurance and training purposes.  Call recordings may be paused for Credit Card data entry (PCI Compliance)
  • Transcribe call recordings for search, accountability or compliance
  • Check your agents’ performance with built-in granular reporting 
  • Live Wallboard for contact center monitoring

Today’s Contact Center Isn’t Just for Calls

While some clients want to call and speak to a Call Center Agent directly, many want to communicate via Web Chat, SMS, Web Call Back Requests, Texting, and E-Mail.  Vocal IP’s Contact Center application empowers your client engagement teams to seamlessly multitask among communications methods and provide the best possible customer experience.

  • Connect with your website visitors using live web chat queues 
  • Offer a call back option on your website so your customers can be reached at their convenience without holding
  • Allow your customers to send email and text message your business, all managed by the same interface used for processing calls
  • Create a repository of responses for the most common questions your agents receive for efficient customer service

Integrate with the Leading CRMs

In today’s world, your business’ main applications need to work together seamlessly. Vocal IP’s Contact Center can be easily integrated with the top CRMs. Vocal IP’s experienced engineers will manage your Contact Center integration project.

  • Supported CRMs include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk, Zoho CRM, SugarCRM, and Agile
  • Log all customer interactions as tasks against CRM records
  • Web chats, web callbacks, text message conversations and email trails are logged against records in the CRM for a full contextual history of all interactions with your customers
  • Prioritize customers already in your CRM by moving them to the appropriate queues

Web Chat

How many potential customers visit your website but don’t take the time to make a phone call?

Vocal IP’s Omni-Channel Contact Center’s web chat widget provides a rich contextual customer service experience. From attracting new business to supporting existing customers, incoming chats can be matched against CRM records and forwarded to sales or support departments for real-time conversion or escalation. 

Handle Multiple Chats

Agents can take on as many concurrent chats as needed and see which visitors have been waiting the longest for a reply.

Contextual Intelligence

Easily examine previous chat conversations for repeat visitors and seamlessly pick up from where the last interaction left off.

Optional Chat Ratings

Visitors can rate their chat interaction, allowing supervisors to drill into chat transcripts & analyze low ratings.

Auto-Log CRM Records

All web chats are logged into supported CRM platforms, allowing agents to view all historical interactions.

Staffing-Based Scripting

Web chat widget adjusts for staffing conditions by changing hold messaging or removing itself if no agents available.

Escalate from Chat to Call

Quickly move a conversation from web chat to a call for more complex interactions requiring a live Agent on the line.

Text Messaging

Your visitors want to text you, don’t let legacy Call Center solutions stop them!

For a true omni-channel solution, add text message queues and connect with customers quickly on the device they use the most: Their smartphone.

Single, Unified Interface

Handle SMS/MMS incoming interactions from the same contact center interface as you use for inbound calls.

Multi-Media Texting

Non-text media can be easily sent as links, so you can easily send files or images to help your customers.

Integrate with Your CRM

Log text messages against CRM records to get 360 degree view of customer interactions across all media channels.


Even with web chat, text messages, and calls, some customers just prefer email. Offer them the best customer service and support by handling emails directly from the Contact Center interface.

Reduce Response Times

Advanced routing rules ensure that emails end up in the correct agents’ hands and are handled quickly.

Time of Day Replies

Use customized email signatures and pre-built business hours replies to set and meet customer expectations.

Service Levels to Meet KPIs

Service levels show how many emails were received and how quickly agents are managing and replying.

Integrates With

Screen Popping

Control how your CRM opens contact, lead, or account pages based on triggers such as making or receiving a call, a web chat, a web call back, an e-mail, or text message. Convert opportunities and never waste time manually searching for contacts while they are trying to reach you. 

Automatic Call Logging

Log incoming and outgoing calls as task or activities in the CRM, with the direction of the call, whether it was answered or abandoned, and any notes added. Easily customize whether the task should remain open or closed upon completion of the call. Increase productivity by eliminating manual entry.

Dynamic Searching

Quickly find contacts from your CRM, your company directory, and your Office 365 Outlook address book from one simple search box. Spend less time searching and more time making sales and delivering stellar support.

Contextual Intelligence

All calls, chats, e-mails, web callbacks, and text messages are logged as activities against the CRM record. Get a 360 degree view of all your customer interactions from your Omni-Channel Contact Center in your CRM. Enable powerful reporting from your CRM and augment it with Contact Center reports. 

Abandoned Calls

Abandoned call lists include CRM matches, allowing Call Center Supervisors to pass potential revenue opportunities to Agents for prioritized callbacks. 

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