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Our full-stack video surveillance is ready for rapid deployment at multiple locations for comprehensive security. Use an advanced set of features for your unique business needs.

  • Cloud Video Management System (VMS) accessible by web, iOS/Android client, or desktop client for MacOS/Windows
  • Flexible cloud video storage plans
  • 10,000 IP camera models supported + analog camera support
  • Integration with analytics
  • Court admissible video evidence
  • Granular FPS and resolution controls
  • Flexible motion-driven or continuous recording
  • Situational awareness via heat maps
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Vocal IP provides comprehensive solution from the design stage to deployment to stellar support and maintenance.

  • Human remote support during installation
  • Video workflow creation based on location requirements
  • Dynamic location maps import
  • Security personnel training
  • 24/7/365 monitoring of camera status
  • Automated notifications on camera outage or loss of video
  • Cloud video consistency
  • Tier-2 support available for network troubleshooting or video investigations
  • Integration with access control and other systems


Fully integrated add-on products to give you extra functionality:

  • Connect your access control system directly to Cloud Video Management System
  • Automatically recognise and scan vehicle license plates
  • Monitor point-of-sale terminals and cash registers in real time
  • Combine transaction data with cameras
  • Discreetly monitor screen recordings of any Windows computer or point of sales terminal
  • Display the most relevant and critical video data on multiple screens or customizable video wall solution
  • Plug-ins – input units such as keypads, jog dials and joysticks
  • Enable multi-location and connect remote sites and for video surveillance on the budget
  • Enable your organization to document incidents and combine them with sequence evidence (video & audio)
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