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Making Complex Routing Simple

Optimize your networking with Vocal IP SD-WAN, which ensures reliability, maximum uptime, and high performance. Establish flexible and cost-effective SD-WAN to connect all parts of your business into a single network with enhanced speed, security,and efficiency.​

Increase user productivity by optimizing cloud and on-premise application performance with real-time analytics, visibility, and control.

  • Prioritize traffic on critical enterprise applications
  • Dynamic application traffic routing for efficient delivery
  • Bandwidth aggregation across multiple Internet connections
  • Deliver application experience across your network

Vocal IP tailors the SD-WAN solution specifically for your business needs. From the planning stage to implementation and maintenance, everything is covered. Manage the system locally or delegate management to Vocal IP engineers, but maintain overview and control upon the whole system.

  • Zero-touch provisioning for all locations
  • Centralized control plane for distributed routing
  • 24/7 expert support & live monitoring

Vocal IP SD-WAN creates automated failover between various Internet connections and VPN tunnels. Utilize a mix of cost-effective access options with integrated security without risking security or data privacy. Access to the Internet at the core or branch levels.

  • Access Options: managed fiber, cable Internet, DSL/EoC, fixed wireless, 4G, and others
  • FWaaS as a centralized firewall, or use on-box UTM protection
  • Integrated threat protection


Enhanced Performance with Maximum Uptime

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) – secure, intelligent and scalable network solution which delivers large spectrum of features and enhancements over a geographically redundant infrastructure.

Vocal IP MPLS network provides your business with guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) and an ironclad SLA. Rest assured that latency-sensitive real time traffic like VoIP and Video is always prioritized:

  • Customize types of traffic to receive preferential treatment
  • Lean on “five-nines” (99.999%) uptime
  • Enjoy positive impact of high reliability on your business
  • Get dedicated certified support in our US-based NOC free of charge

MPLS can be easily deployed to over thousands of sites to deliver high-end mission-critical networking. Reach better productivity with a solution customized for your needs.

  • Easily include new remote locations
  • Take advantage of VPNs, traffic shaping and engineering
  • Cost-effective and reliable network for each of your business locations
  • Vocal IP’s MPLS network has you covered in 49 states

Take your MPLS network to the next level with centralized FWaaS to deliver an additional layer of security in the cloud.

  • End-to-end data control
  • Bi-directional traffic filtering
  • Intrusion prevention and detection
  • AntiVirus
  • DDoS protection


Vocal IP’s Layer 2 circuit offering is a dedicated Private Line connection from the customer’s location to one of Vocal IP’s network Points of Presence (POPs). The advantage of a Layer 2/Private Line connection is that it can be completely customized and configured to the customer’s topology with the required technology, such as SD-WAN, Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) or other tunneling technologies on Vocal IP’s data network. Layer 2 circuits can be delivered over Dedicated Fiber or Fixed Wireless connections and come with Vocal IP’s maximum performance guarantee (Service Level Agreement).

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