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Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Vocal IP offers the full range of Direct Internet Access (DIA) services to fill your company’s growing bandwidth needs. Our national data network supports the highest quality Internet connectivity as well as a wide range of configuration options, such as SD-WAN, MPLS, DIA and/or Private Line. We leverage extensive partnerships with global access providers to enable complete coverage for customers. Vocal IP only partners with these companies for the “last mile,” our customers benefit from a higher quality service and benefit from just one network, regardless of which underlying carrier is being used. We offer dedicated, symmetrical bandwidth connections from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps with a strong Service Level Agreement guarantee.

With our Dedicated Internet Access services, your company will get fast, scalable, and reliable connectivity that your business can depend on. We offer multiple bandwidth options from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps, with the highest level of performance to match individual business needs with the most competitive pricing.

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Dedicated Fiber Ethernet Access

Vocal IP’s Dedicated Fiber Ethernet Access circuits are delivered over the latest technology fiber facility to your location. Direct Fiber Ethernet Access can be configured either as a Direct Internet Access circuit or as a direct connection to one of Vocal IP’s Point-of-Presence data centers (POPs). Direct Fiber Ethernet Access circuits are highly reliable and provide a 99.999% service uptime guarantee. Available speed options range from 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps and costs have become surprisingly affordable in the past years. Dedicated Fiber Ethernet Access circuits are an excellent choice for the most critical business applications, larger corporate locations and connections to data centers or to public and private cloud providers.

Vocal IP has partnered with the best and highest quality fiber carriers in the country to provide Dedicated Fiber Ethernet Access service nationwide. We will design and implement the fiber network suited for your business’ exact requirements and provide end-to-end 24/7/365 monitoring, management and technical support.


Vocal IP’s broadband connections provide high speed Internet access via multiple types of technologies including coaxial cable, shared fiber service (e.g. FiOS, uVerse), 4G LTE/5G wireless, DSL and satellite. Broadband connections are usually the lowest cost alternatives on the market. The advantage of broadband connectivity is its wide availability and also its low cost. However, most broadband connections do not guarantee performance and reliability. While broadband may not be the best fit for critical business applications, many businesses leverage broadband connections as backup links or part of a SD-WAN configuration.

Vocal IP has partnered with the nation’s leading cable companies and incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) to provide broadband connections anywhere your business has sites. Almost any location in the U.S. will qualify for some type of broadband connection so Vocal IP will be able provide broadband bandwidth to all your business locations along with nationwide support and management.

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Fixed Wireless

Installing dedicated fiber connections may be a challenge for your location. Fixed Wireless service removes the need for physical cables and provide an excellent alternative to terrestrial bandwidth delivery. Fixed Wireless (also known as Point-to-Point Wireless) service are dedicated wireless connections between your business’ location and Vocal IP’s core network. Fixed Wireless connections are capable of delivering 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps bandwidth with low latency and high reliability, just like physical fiber connections. The advantage of Vocal IP’s Fixed Wireless service is that it is delivered through the airwaves, and does not rely on physical wired/fiber connectivity, making it an excellent alternative to traditional last mile solutions. In addition, many customers prefer Fixed Wireless as an excellent choice for backup connectivity as a diverse solution to terrestrial circuit alternatives.

Vocal IP’s Fixed Wireless service is available in selected areas and can be configured as Direct Internet Access (DIA), part of a SD-WAN, MPLS network or as a Private (Layer 2) connection. Fixed Wireless connections can be installed much quicker than traditional fiber circuits and also upgrading bandwidth can be done quickly usually via a setting change.


Reliable broadband connections are not available everywhere. For locations without any broadband options or if a customer wants a managed and cost-effective back-up connection, Vocal IP offers 4G/LTE services. Vocal IP’s 4G/LTE service is quick and easy to deploy and can be configured with a static IP address for a fully managed last mile connectivity solution. Our service can be deployed in days versus weeks and can be used as a wireless backup including in SD-WAN configurations for branch offices, remote workers, IoT, digital signage, transportation, and other applications; all with enterprise-class 4G/LTE connectivity from Vocal IP.

Vocal IP will provide the 4G/LTE managed router, the data plans over the leading national cellular carriers’ networks and comprehensive monitoring of the network equipment. Since most 4G/LTE plans have data caps, we will monitor your usage, so there are no surprises with excessive overage charges at the end of the month.
Even though 5G networks are in their early stages, select markets have 5G availability. Please contact us to find out if your location qualifies for 5G connectivity.

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