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Financial Services

Vocal IP delivers a robust mission-critical telephony platform to the financial services industry. Built on 20+ years of experience with white glove service delivery to the financial services community, we understand its high-fidelity technology requirements. 


Vocal IP provides cutting-edge features to streamline business communications. Using our powerful web-based portal, we deliver seamless integration with an ecosystem of third-party applications like Salesforce, MS teams,, Zapier and many more.  


Vocal IP futureproofs businesses with cutting-edge UCaaS services while enabling interoperability with legacy industry specific technologies like trading turrets and ringdown lines by which enabling smooth transition from expensive proprietary PBXs.  Our platform meets financial industry workflow and compliance standards with enterprise-grade encryption of live calls, call recording, transcription, and complete audit logs. Unifying distributed offices and remote workers, Vocal IP delivers a flexible, feature-rich solution with highly attentive service.  

  • End-to-End encrypted calls
  • FINRA and GLBA-compliant call recording, transcription, and extended call detail records (CDRs)
  • Contact Center to improve the customer experience
  • SIP Trunking for legacy PRI-based PBX systems
  • Integration with turret systems
  • Hosted VoIP turret system emulation
  • Integration with ringdown systems
  • White-glove service
  • Protected Dedicated Internet with intelligent prioritization of real-time communications
  • SD-WAN with Unified Threat Protection to protect internal IT infrastructure
  • Centralized Cloud Firewall to protect multiple location with unified cybersecurity policies
  • Multiple Internet options for backup/resiliency
  • Logging calls and customer interactions in Salesforce, NetSuite, or other CRMs/ERPs.
  • Call recordings may be stored in,, Google Docs, Microsoft SharePoint and many more
  • Recorded calls and voicemails can be transcribed to text for compliance reporting or sentiment analysis using third-party tools
  • Next Gen 911 – automatically detect changes to device locations for more accurate information to local emergency management centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) in the event of a 911 call.
  • Use our Next Gen 911 standalone service with your IP-PBX and achieve automatic compliance with Kari’s Law and RAY BAUM’s Act
  • Eliminate the need for multiple DIDs for remote users – 911 caller is located using MAC address of device, not DID.
  • Managed Video Surveillance systems with cloud or on-prem storage
  • Integrated Access Control systems to protect entrances and exits
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