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Focus on Business Goals While We Ensure Your Cybersecurity

Optimize your security system with Vocal IP and enjoy top-tier cloud security, easy to access and manage. Protect your business from hacking attacks, malicious software and suspicious websites with our continuous threat intelligence.

Single interface, web-based and intuitive, will make your security efforts a flawless experience.

  • Reduce complexity with a campus topology view
  • Improve visibility and control of devices, users, unusual behavior and threats
  • Consolidate costly per device UTM subscriptions into one firewall predictably priced based on the amount of throughput, no matter how many locations.

Stay ahead of growing threats with our continuously improving security algorithms and policies.

  • Regular updates of threat database
  • In-depth analysis of network traffic.
  • Early threat detection and attack mitigation.
  • Intrusion detection and unauthorized access prevention

Enjoy a security solution that incorporates compliance, convenience and simplicity. Customize it to your specific requirements.

  • 360° overview of user activity in one convenient interface
  • Protect remote users
  • Easily sync with Active Directory
  • On-demand provisioning of new locations
  • Compliance logging for auditability

Enterprise Cybersecurity

Vocal IP offers a wide range of cybersecurity services for business customers of all sizes to defend against the escalating threat of modern targeted cyberattacks. These services address a comprehensive framework for managing all aspects of an enterprise cybersecurity program. Services include managed firewall, Unified Threat Protections, anti-malware, anti-ransomware and antivirus protection backed by our 24/7/365 Network Operations Center. Vocal IP will design, implement, and manage a comprehensive cybersecurity program for your company that is seamlessly coordinated with your IT policies and lifecycle.

Fail-safe cyber defense requires the best possible protection with proactive management and monitoring. Vocal IP’s cost-efficient cybersecurity services are capable of countering even the most advanced cyberattacks and preventing damage in the event of a breach.

Remote Access-as-a-Service

Your company is constantly evolving in the ways you do business. Working from home or remotely is no longer an option; it is a requirement for most employees. The ability to connect, collaborate and continue to work efficiently is crucial regardless of where your employees are. Organizations are grappling with delivering a quality experience, so employees can work anywhere, at any time, from any location. The challenge is to provide secure and reliable access to corporate applications, files and data no matter where they are located.

Vocal IP’s Remote Access-as-a-Service “RAaaS” includes a complete assessment of your company’s remote access requirements, delivery and management of the necessary software and access tools to provide a seamless user experience. From basic Virtual Private Networks (IP VPN), Remote Desktop Protocol over SSL VPN, Terminal Server, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and several other technologies, Vocal IP will configure and manage the right access method for your remote users. Employees shouldn’t have to adapt to the workplace – the workplace should adapt to the needs of the workers and bridge the gap divide between the digital and physical worlds. Vocal IP will help your company to enable a truly remote workforce.

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Fully-Fledged Surveillance Solution Guarding Your Business

Powerful combination of Vocal IP’s industry-leading Video Management System and Secure Cloud to ensure maximum security at scale.

Full stack video surveillance solution is ready to be rapidly deployed at multiple locations for efficient and cost-effective property maintenance. Tailor an advanced set of features to your business needs.

  • View via Web, Mobile Client for iOS/Android, or Desktop Client for MacOS/Windows
  • Frame Rate and Resolution control, dynamic resolution scaling for viewing
  • Flexible motion-driven or constant stream recording
  • Desktop Multi-monitor Support
  • Smart-Search based on motion in defined area, situational awareness via heat maps
  • Overlay Advanced Video Analytics

Vocal IP VSaaS automatically brings your existing cameras online and extends the same features over both analog and IP cameras.

  • IP and Analog Camera Support, over 1,000 camera manufacturers
  • Record video straight to our cloud
  • Digitization of analog signal preserves existing investment in analog cameras.
  • Simplicity: Plug & Play (PnP)

Vocal IP esteems safety as an utmost value. It is well known that “prevention is always better than cure.”

  • Visible cameras deter crime and conflicts
  • Simultaneous Live View, Record, and Playback
  • Effective monitoring for faster response
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