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Vocal IP’s Next Gen 911 prepares your organization to handle any emergency.

  • Automatic detection of IP phone and softphone locations – location is dynamically updated and detailed data is sent to local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP)
  • Instant notifications when 911 is dialed – via text (SMS), email, or phone with our Crisis Hotline
  • Granular alerting – by campus, building, floor, wing or organization-wide
  • Integration with alarms, sensors, public address systems, intercoms and access control systems – allow emergency responders to initiate remote lockdowns and send real-time instructions during an emergency
  • Compliant with FCC regulations – Ray BAUM’S Act and Kari’s Law


Each year, over 240 million calls are placed with 911 dispatchers across the country. Nearly 80 percent of those calls are made from a mobile phone. With Vocal IP’s geofencing solution, stakeholders can be alerted when a 911 call is dialed from a mobile device if located within defined property boundaries.

  • Geofencing Property – Vocal IP works with your organization to map out a geographic perimeter (geofence) of your location(s)
  • Alerting – If 911 is dialed from within the geofenced area, stakeholders will receive an instant alert with the location of the caller and an overhead view of the geofenced property
  • Anonymity/Privacy – alerts do not contain caller personal information, only the location of the initiated 911 call
  • Efficient Incident Response – mitigate situations and prepare before arrival of emergency services


When a crisis occurs, it’s important to get the right people on the phone quickly and easily, no matter where they are located. With Vocal IP’s Crisis Hotline, Public Safety/Emergency Management stakeholders can be seamlessly united in case of a crisis “event” within seconds.

  • Instant Conference – Creates instant crisis hotline by placing outbound calls to all stakeholders and merging them into one conference bridge
  • Instant Alerts – stakeholders receive SMS or email with link to join audio conference bridge upon placing call to Crisis Hotline
  • Customizable Menu – Create IVRs (touch tone or voice) to route callers to the right stakeholders based on emergency types
  • Right people on the call – Multiple hotlines for different emergency types and routing to the appropriate stakeholders
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