SIP Trunking

Leverage Your Existing PBX With Vocal IP SIP Trunking.

For many businesses, the most effective path to quality VoIP service is to extend their existing telephony infrastructure with SIP trunking. Highly reliable and cost efficient, Vocal IP’s SIP trunking services allow you to create direct connections between our SIP platform and your existing PBX and FAX solutions.


Industry-Leading SIP QoS and Circuit Stability.

Occasionally data circuits fail. When it happens, our comprehensive redundancy and resiliency features ensure that that any impact on your business is very minimal. On Vocal IP platforms, calls are instantly rerouted over failover and/or load balanced circuits, or to alternate numbers. And with Vocal IP SD-WAN, we can provide redundant data circuits with automatic failover: everything you need to stay in business, even when a data circuit goes dark.



Full Compatibility With Any PBX Platform.

Vocal IP SIP trunk services are fully compatible even with legacy PBX platforms. Regardless of age, manufacturer, or capability, our team has the tools necessary to fully bridge your existing telephony infrastructure to our next-generation SIP service.


And many more.

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