Vocal IP Announces OmniChannel Call Center Software Availability for Enterprise Customers

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Vocal IP Announces OmniChannel Call Center Software Availability for Enterprise Customers

  • Posted by: Bogdan Muzyka

New York, NY – (BUSINESS WIRE) – Oct. 26, 2020 – Vocal IP, a leading provider of next-generation voice and data networking solutions, announced that the company is deploying OmniChannel Call Center Software for enterprise and business customers nationwide.

The new OmniChannel Call Center Software is available as part of Vocal IP’s Unified Communications platform and allows businesses to leverage their Call Center personnel to deliver the best possible customer experience by integrating Web Chat, Web Call Back Requests, Texting, E-Mail and Twitter into their existing Call Centers.

“Call Centers today have to adopt to the communication methods customers prefer. A significant portion of end-user customers want to communicate via Web Chat, SMS, Emailing and/or Social Media platforms in addition to calling on the phone,” said Eugene Laykhtman, CEO of Vocal IP. “Our OmniChannel Call Center Software allows Call Center agents to use a variety of media matching the customers’ preferences and it also allows agents to utilize their time more efficiently. This is a perfect win-win all around.”

“Just imagine Call Center agents seamlessly handling chat sessions, taking calls, emails and text messages with customers and all interaction is elegantly managed by our OmniChannel Call Center Software portal” Eugene Laykhtman continued.

Vocal IP’s OmniChannel Call Center Software can be quickly deployed and can benefit Call Centers of any size. Vocal IP has a team of skilled software developers and Project Managers so solutions can be customized if needed and the rollout is fully managed from start to finish. Vocal IP even offers Call Center training for users and supervisors.

Vocal IP, one of the fastest-growing, network-based providers of carrier-grade data and voice services, has been offering UC One, Hosted PBX and Call Center solutions to businesses for the last 15 years.

About Vocal IP

Vocal IP, headquartered in New York City, is a nationwide provider of Data, Voice, Unified Communications (UCaaS) and Managed Video Surveillance services backed by our wholly owned next-generation network. We are a privately owned, financially stable company and experienced steady organic growth over the years. Vocal IP’s services are backed by a reliable data and voice network with multi-access transport methods, highly experienced and certified engineering staff, efficient and responsive installation services and 24/7/365 technical support from our Network Operations Center (NOC).

Vocal IP combines the strength of a best-in-breed, large scale national network of a major carrier with the service, expertise and customer focus of the most committed and knowledgeable IT consulting firm.

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