IP Mesh Managed Network


Whether your organization uses metro Ethernet, leased fiber, FiOS, Cable, DSL, or copper, Vocal IP has you covered with our nationwide redundant managed network.

Built on MPLS. Accessible using SD-WAN.


Get Dedicated Quality of Service (QoS)

Real time communications depend on high quality dedicated connections. Vocal IP Mesh ensures your Cloud Business VoIP system and other mission-critical apps get first priority in your dedicated line. This allows us to guarantee our crystal clear voice quality with a purchase of a connection to our managed network.



Build Redundant Networks

Your business’s network should to ensure maximum uptime. Every minute during an outage costs your business money. With Vocal IP Mesh, you can build a truly failsafe solution by leveraging a mix of dedicated fiber, MPLS, DSL, Cable, FiOS, and even 4G to create failover between your network connections. Failover is managed by our 24/7/365 NOC in the US.




  • Uses high quality dedicated fiber for maximum uptime
  • Provides Quality of Service (QoS) and Classes of Service (CoS)
  • Fully-managed connection, no secondary ISPs


  • Uses cost effective connections for Private Cloud access
  • Fast deployment
  • Quickly Connect Remote Sites