Advanced Cloud Business VoIP

VoIP Born in the Cloud

Experience crystal clear business VoIP with the Vocal IP platform. Our engineering team is ready to support you anytime. Vocal IP’s intuitive web-based portal makes phone system management easy for anyone. Our cost-effective VoIP solutions and on-demand integrations satisfy any business need.

Take advantage of new business opportunities with advanced Cloud VoIP!

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What It Does

Full Control and Customization to Meet Your Needs

Wide variety of features to manage the system at your disposal. From basic user account management and voicemail resetting to complex on-demand integrations and custom features.

  • Manage equipment and add new devices easily
  • Monitor call recordings
  • Enhance existing business systems with on-demand solutions, such as CRMs, ERPs, and EMRs
  • Get full support and professional training from Vocal IP skilled engineers

Access Your System Anywhere, Anytime

Get access to the system with our Vocal One app on your smartphone, IP deskphone, or computer. Supported on Android, iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

  • No device limit for account or user.
  • Seamlessly switch between deskphone and smartphone app during calls
  • Sync corporate and personal devices and never miss an important call again.
  • Use corporate number for business calls from personal mobile phone.

Reliable Solutions Saving Time and Money

Rest assured that you won’t lose your connection. Vocal IP’s cost-effective system ensures layers of reliability and a fault-tolerant backbone.

  • Several redundant data centers available in case of failure
  • Fault tolerant Customer Premise Equipment
  • Instant call redirection to predefined number(s) in the event of user being unreachable.

Lean on High Data Protection Standards

Vocal IP’s engineers come from a cybersecurity pedigree and take pride in keeping your information protected. Your call recordings, voice mails, transcriptions, and other stored media are safe with us.

  • Data is encrypted on our servers and in transit
  • Compliant with security standards defined by HIPAA, PCI, FINRA, etc.
  • Extensive experience in cybersecurity
  • Advanced fraud detection mechanisms

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