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Vocal IP has developed a wide range of unique solutions for the healthcare industry. From serving a sole practitioner’s office to entire hospital systems, our solutions are designed, managed and maintained by Vocal IP and focused on the healthcare provider’s communication systems. The majority of healthcare providers have adopted Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and now need to assemble all patient data there for searchability, accountability and compliance. These new demands on the healthcare industry create new conditions and pressures on healthcare networks and IT systems. That’s why Vocal IP offers comprehensive integrated service packages for healthcare providers, with regulatory compliance and cybersecurity as the backbone of every solution design. 

The healthcare industry and Protected Health Information (PHI) have been the target of hackers and malicious actors. Unlike credit card numbers which can easily be changed in the event of a breach, PHI does not change, allowing hackers to warehouse PHI and sell it anytime they want. All of our solutions are designed to anticipate and proactively combat data breaches, with geo-redundant threat protection systems for maximum resiliency for the safety of the healthcare provider’s IT infrastructure and its patients’ data. 

List of our services for the Healthcare Industry:
Vocal One:
a. End-to-End encrypted calls
b. HIPAA-compliant call recording and transcription
c. Contact Center to improve the patient journey

a. Protected Dedicated Internet
b. Multiple Internet options for backup/resiliency

Managed Network:
a. SD-WAN with Network Firewall, Unified Threat Protection, DDOS, IDP, NGFW and numerous other services to protect internal IT infrastructure
b. Centralized Cloud Firewall to protect multiple location with unified cybersecurity policies

Integration Services:
a. MS Teams for telehealth solutions
b. On-demand integration with leading EHRs for improvement of patient journey, from scheduling appointments to insertion of patient interaction records against the electronic medical record.


Financial Services

The past decade has seen tremendous changes in the way financial service companies operate, both internally and with their customers. Shifts in the regulatory environment and new compliance rules imposed a variety of stricter rules on financial sector companies. Customers are increasingly demanding more direct and efficient ways of interacting with their financial institutions, boosting the demand for remote banking and other personalized services. The catalyst for these changes has been the rapid evolution of technology. Vocal IP provides customized network technology solutions to its financial customers to keep pace with rapid innovation and constant improvement in reliability and security. Financial industry firms have responded positively to the competitive edge delivered by Vocal IP’s network technology

List of Common Services for the Financial Services Industry:

Vocal One:
a. End-to-End encrypted calls
b. FINRA and GLBA-compliant call recording, transcription, and extended call detail records
c. Contact Center to improve the customer experience
d. SIP Trunking for legacy PRI-based PBX systems
e. Integration with IPC Turrets

a. Protected Dedicated Internet with intelligent prioritization of real-time interactions
b. Multiple Internet options for backup/resiliency

Managed Network:
a. SD-WAN with Unified Threat Protection to protect internal IT infrastructure
b. Centralized Cloud Firewall to protect multiple location with unified cybersecurity policies

Integration Services:
a. Logging calls and customer interactions in Salesforce (or other CRM) applications


Non-profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations face unique challenges in improving their often outdated technologies, creating more efficient workflows to service their clients, and allocating budgets to new technology implementations. The nonprofit sector tends to operate on tight budgets, so the cost of up-to-date technology can seem prohibitive. Effective and efficient use of technology often spawns innovation, creates improvements in efficacy, and better delivery of the organization’s mission statement and technological harmony with the organization’s values, more than justifying the cost and the challenges of organizational change. Vocal IP provides just the right technology and network solutions to improve non-profit organization’s operations with state-of-the-art features at aggressive prices. Vocal IP’s customized and strategically selected services will empower staff and stakeholders to deliver on the non-profit organization’s mission.


Manufacturing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Distribution companies are transitioning to relying on automation, mobile devices, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All of these technologies require real-time data feeding into advanced operating systems for increased insight and productivity. Smart factories and intelligent manufacturing processes use this data to drive step-by-step improvements in performance and efficiency. Manufacturing and Distribution companies rely on Vocal IP’s SD-WAN to securely connect their supply chain and manage IoT traffic from a wide range of devices across a global footprint of smart factories, production and distribution facilities.

Manufacturing and Distribution companies are challenged to meet supply chain compliance as well as staying competitive with various IT challenges.  Vocal IP’s Network Firewall and “Compliance Ready” suite of Cyber Security services helps distributed Manufacturing and Distribution companies improve security controls and reach compliance, while ensuring their competitiveness within their industry



Retail distribution has evolved dramatically during the past decade. Retail stores, restaurant chains and other multi location establishments rely on instant inventory data and connectivity to the supply chain and corporate databases for processing sales data. Improvements in video streaming, wearables and mobile POS terminals continue to improve the retail customer experience. Today’s most retail stores operate with Zero IT Footprint with only end-point equipment at the site. Vocal IP designed a popular retail technology package including secure network services, voice, WIFI, Video Surveillance, private network for PoS and other auxiliary services.  Technologies bundled in the retail package help tracking foot traffic, identify repeat visitors and deliver PCI compliance for the store infrastructure services.