Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

Doing good in the world is one of the toughest jobs there is. Good opportunities can be hard to find, and the dedicated people who face challenging situations need robust network and communications tools that can truly help them to help others.


Focus on your organization’s mission statement

Technology management in the nonprofit world takes away resources from achieving your organization’s goal. We understand the Nonprofit IT Manager’s role today has expanded dramatically. IT managers now manage IP-PBXs, firewalls, LANs, desktop support, and even physical perimeter security.

How can Vocal IP help?

Vocal IP is a provider of fully managed services. We take the time to learn about your organization’s mission and the processes your employees execute daily to achieve your mission.

We strive to take as much infrastructure management functions away from the IT director’s plate as possible, allowing them to focus on directives that are most important to your organization.



Seamlessly engage with your clients and donors

Vocal IP understands nonprofits function on fundraising and tight budgets. Our Contact Center solutions allow your organization to create better client and donor experiences.

We understand that every dropped or abandoned call equals a loss of potential funds. That’s why we offer integrations with leading CRMs as well as a powerful call center analytics engine and workforce management solution.


Child Advocacy and Services Nonprofit Brings ROI to Their Voice with Vocal IP

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Community Health Center Group Tackles Tough Contact Center Challenges with Vocal IP

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