Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)

Fully-Fledged Surveillance Solution Guarding Your Business

Powerful combination of Vocal IP’s industry-leading Video Management System and Secure Cloud to ensure maximum security at scale.

See how Vocal IP VSaaS can make your facilities and personnel safe.

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What It Does

Broad Functionality Easy to Manage

Full stack video surveillance solution is ready to be rapidly deployed at multiple locations for efficient and cost-effective property maintenance. Tailor an advanced set of features to your business needs.

  • View via Web, Mobile Client for iOS/Android, or Desktop Client for MacOS/Windows
  • Frame Rate and Resolution control, dynamic resolution scaling for viewing
  • Flexible motion-driven or constant stream recording
  • Desktop Multi-monitor Support
  • Smart-Search based on motion in defined area, situational awareness via heat maps

Bring Your Cameras to the Cloud

Vocal IP VSaaS automatically brings your existing cameras online and extends the same features over both analog and IP cameras.

  • IP and Analog Camera Support, over 1,000 camera manufacturers
  • Record video straight to our cloud
  • Digitization of analog signal preserves existing investment in analog cameras.
  • Simplicity: Plug & Play (PnP)

Crime Prevention at the Touch of a Button

Vocal IP esteems safety as an utmost value. It is well known that “prevention is always better than cure.”

  • Visible cameras deter crime and conflicts
  • Simultaneous Live View, Record, and Playback
  • Effective monitoring for faster response