FWaaS – Firewall as a Service


In today’s world of data theft, operation disruptions, and compromised online privacy, it is increasingly vital that your business remains just that: your business. Vocal IP’s FWaaS is a critical cloud tool for protecting your assets from digital thieves and vandals.


No more localized firewall management

Don’t waste your business IT resources on managing multiple physical firewall devices. Vocal IP FWaaS centralizes all firewall management into a single web-based, intuitive interface, greatly simplifying maintenance and improving IT security and productivity across multiple office locations.



Granular policy management for increased productivity

Vocal IP FWaaS offers detailed visibility into your IP traffic, as well as the tools you need to shape and control that traffic. Fully integrated with your organization’s Active Directory, FWaaS enables admins to easily create custom access policies at any organizational level or for any priority type, in order to efficiently supervise your users’ internet activity.



One bill. Simple monthly fee. No UTM vendor headaches

In contrast to the expensive, confusing pricing models common to UTM (Unified Threat Management) vendors, with Vocal IP FWaaS, get a single unified monthly bill for all of your locations. No per-seat or per-location pricing: you only pay for the traffic that we protect.