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Vocal IP delivers solutions to businesses and organizations of all sizes to help them overcome challenges, reach bold goals and grow

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Small to Medium Business (SMB) Solutions

Affordable and scalable solutions created with attention to detail specifically for your organization or business to help achieve your goals and lift the growth.

VoIP Solutions

Choose optimal solutions with professional pre-sale planning

Get the leverage over larger competitors with feature-rich solution

Extend phone system to cover all locations and remote workers

Scale your systems with the same pace as your business grows

Hire a virtual receptionist to automatically handle incoming calls

Increase agility with on-demand forwarding features

Manage your system with our user-friendly portal

Use individual numbers for every user (DIDs), or use toll-free numbers.

Network Solutions

Deploy flexible and cost-effective SD-WAN

Accelerate your growth with high-speed network

Optimize application performance

Access cloud services directly

Security Solutions

Protect your data with centralized FWaaS

Tunnel all your traffic from multiple locations into our NGFW

Reduce facility risks with cloud VSaaS

Bring your existing cameras to the cloud

Enterprise Solutions

Harmonize all branches to enhance collaboration and productivity through integrations & automations with Vocal IP enterprise solutions.

VoIP Solutions

Stay in the lead with powerful features

Update your infrastructure & hardware to meet latest standards

Provide personalized customer journey with omni-channel call center

Transcribe to text recorded calls and voicemails

Provision and manage users with an intuitive interface

Take your corporate phone system anywhere with our mobility solutions

Enhance day-to-day operations with standard and on-demand integrations

Attend free on site or remote end-user trainings

Be compliant with HIPAA, PCI and FINRA regulations

Lean on our stellar support

Network Solutions

Receive QoS guarantee with MPLS

Ensure five nines (99,999%) uptime with SLAs

Secure business continuity with our automated failover solutions

Optimize your networking with Vocal IP SD-WAN

Boost application performance

Make your users more productive

Security Solutions

Safeguard your enterprise with unified threat management (UTM) system

Prevent incidents and unauthorized access to your facilities or network

Improve control & visibility of corporate assets

Save significantly with a consolidated multi-location UTM subscription

Evolve from NVR-based to compliant cloud video recording

Leverage existing camera infrastructure by migrating to the cloud